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Threats of cybersecurity breaches are on the rise, and agencies must be proactive in protecting sensitive corporate and personal information. Vector Solutions’ online cybersecurity training catalog features courses with up-to-date lessons for browser, email and password security to improve cybersecurity awareness amongst employees and mitigate risks to your agency’s data.

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Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Creating A Cyber Security Culture

With today’s wide range of threats, it is a must to ensure minimum standards of security. We often think that purchasing expensive security appliances can take care of it, but it’s not even close. In this course, we learn the importance of injecting a cyber security culture in the mind of the people, executives and employees, understanding the roles of each department and key people to sustain the program, how to lead our teams for a more secure digital life and finally the importance of yearly training in maintaining constant secure environment.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Incident Preparedness and Management Planning

Maybe there is no way to eradicate threats and incidents completely, but surely being prepared and ready to anticipate incidents, can make the difference in limiting the damages. In this online training we will identify the best practices to mitigate incidents, different types of cyber security insurance; how to get our team ready for attacks and how to effectively manage the crisis when an incident occurs. Moreover, we will learn the importance of post-event crisis management.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Laws and Global Compliance Standards

When it comes to compliance, business and corporate management should keep a close eye at being obedient to all of the legal laws and regulations in regards to how they manage the business and preserving their data. In many cases, deviations from the baselines has cost businesses huge penalties and fines, as well as delayed losses; therefore, in this training, we will be looking at regulations and their importance, key items to secure our business and personal data.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Safeguarding Against Social Engineer Attacks

Social engineering has become the favorite tool for hackers to target and breach sophisticated networks, it remains an open window in almost every environment. in this course we will gain knowledge about the latest social engineering techniques and how hackers can obtain business and personal information about us to craft targeted attacks that may result in huge damages. We will learn also to identify intellectual property and how to safeguard it.

Course Duration: 0 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Classifying and Safeguarding Data for Corporate and Personal Use

Failing to become cyber aware, failing to put measures in place that will protect our devices and network is also failing to protect our personal information, our place of business, and our customers. In this interactive online course we will discuss why classifying and safeguarding data is a priority that must not be ignored. We will also list the main types of classifications and state objectives for securing data.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: End-User Best Practices

We live in a busy, busy world. When it is so easy to connect to the internet and access vast amounts of information, it is easy to forget the dangers that lie in wait. From hotspots to password management, this interactive online course will walk you through end-user best practices. We will also discuss the importance of administrative rights, define types of physical attacks against privacy, and recommend ways to protect against malwares and viruses.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Security Awareness Essentials

In our digital world today, attackers seem to be lurking behind every click of the mouse or tap on the screen. Many people forget that they are the keepers of their own security safety and the security safety of the institutions for which they are employed. In this interactive online course, we learn about the who, what, how, and why of security attacks. We discuss the potential losses associated with a successful security breaches by hackers and will understand the different way in which those security breaches can occur. Finally, we cover important actions you can take within your organization to limit security risks

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Social Engineering

Social engineering is the art of extorting information from employees that can assist a hacker to breach the security of an organization and can be done by a human or it can be done digitally. In this interactive online course we will define phishing and identify common features, examples, and how to avoid phishing scams. We will also discuss identity theft and how to protect against it.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)


Browser Security Basics

A large number of cyber attacks target browser activity. This course provides all staff members with an overview of browser security and ways to browse the web safely. Topics include: the types of browser threats, the basics of browser security and safe browsing practices.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Cybersecurity Overview

The convenience of web access makes it easy to forget that we need to protect and care for our information. This introductory course provides an overview of cybercrime and cybersecurity, including the basics of cybersecurity along with the effects of cybercrime, the types of cyber threats and how users are susceptible.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Emailed and Messaging Safety

Email is the primary means of attack from cyber-perpetrators. This course provides an overview of cybercrime via email, and how to employ safe email and messaging practices to avoid and help prevent cyber threats, attempts at fraud and identity theft.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Password Security Basics

This course provides an overview of password security and management, including the basic principles of password security, the elements of a strong password, and strategies of how to create and maintain passwords.

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Protection Against Malware

Malware is a primary means of attack for cyber-perpetrators. This course provides staff members with an overview of basic protection against malware. Topics include: the types of malware, how malware works and protective strategies

Course Duration: 1 Hour(s)